How Soon Should You Have Your First Maintenance After Starting Your Dreadlocks

When Have First Maintenance After Starting Dreadlocks

Starting dreadlocks is a huge life decision and also a beautiful journey in that matter. As a beginner in the world of dreadlocks, you want to know how to maintain your dreadlocks, so that they may grow nicely.

This article got you covered on how soon should you have your first maintenance after starting your dreads.

How Soon Should You Have Your First Maintenance After Starting Your Dreads?

We recommend having your first dreadlock maintenance 4 weeks after creation.

During the beginning of your dreadlocks journey, your hair will become frizzy and bumpy. It is important to visit your loctician quite early in your journey to make sure that your dreadlocks are developing nicely.

During your first maintenance, the process can be quite quite time consuming since your dreads will be frizzy and some have probably unraveled depending on the installation method used.

Your loctician will have to go through your locks, tidying them up and putting loose hair back in the dreads using the retwist, interlocking or crochet method.

At the beginning of your dreadlock journey, we know how difficult it can be dealing with the frizz. You recommend you to be patient and not sure any beeswax or wax to try to speed up the process. Be patient, visit regularly your loctician, wash your dreads weekly using the right dreadlock care products and you’ll grow the most beautiful locs.

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Why Is It Important to Come Back for Your First Maintenance Within 4 Weeks?

Since during the first few months of your dreadlocks journey, your hair is going to be frizzy, have loose roots, and bumpy on the body, your loctician will have to work on it and ensure your hair is developing nicely.

Also, the longer you wait to get your maintenance done, the more time consuming and expensive your first maintenance can become.

When Have First Maintenance After Starting Dreads

How Often Should You Have Your Maintenance Afterwards?

After your first maintenance, the frequency of your dreadlock maintenance will depend on the technique used:

  • Retwist: once a month
  • Interlocking and crochet: 6-12 weeks


All the best in your dreadlocks journey.

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