The benefits of hemp oil for dreadlocks

hemp oil dreadlocks

Hemp seed oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant and is made by cold-pressing its seeds. In addition to having a lot of health benefits if ingested due to its high omega-3, 6 and 9 and fatty acid content, hemp seed oil can help maintain beautiful, healthy dreadlocks. That’s because fatty acids cause your hair […]

How Soon Should You Have Your First Maintenance After Starting Your Dreadlocks

When Have First Maintenance After Starting Dreadlocks

Starting dreadlocks is a huge life decision and also a beautiful journey in that matter. As a beginner in the world of dreadlocks, you want to know how to maintain your dreadlocks, so that they may grow nicely. This article got you covered on how soon should you have your first maintenance after starting your […]

Why You Should Not Use Castile Soap On Your Dreadlocks?

bronners castile soap dollylocks dreadlocks shampoo

A lot of people with dreadlocks prefer going the natural route when it comes to taking care of their hair. Part of taking care of your hair involves how you wash it. Castile soaps such as Dr. Bronner’s and Dollylocks are quite popular in the dreadlock community since they are biodegradable and natural. However, Castile […]